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Focus on yarn production and sales

In order to meet the needs and needs of our customers, we can sample and dye.





Product display

Factory direct sales, high quality and low price, bright colors
  • 10% wool fleece
  • Colored mercerized cotton
  • High elastic core yarn
  • Colored rabbit fur core yarn
  • Colored imitation linen
  • Colored cotton yarn

Four advantages

Make good use of technology to produce products and serve customers


Various types and specifications


Factory direct sales
spot delivery


High quality and low price, bright colors


Perfect service
time-saving and solid

Variety of specifications, support for spinning, dyeing

Main: colored mercerized cotton, colored ice silk, colored rabbit cashmere core yarn, colored double curved, colored cotton yarn, colored imitation linen, colored imitation cotton, colored chenille, colored high elastic core yarn, colored rabbit hair bag Core yarn, anti-pilling modal core yarn, wool fiber velvet, etc. Variety specifications are available.

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Strong comprehensive strength and large inventory

Ensheng always pays attention to market research and development, and constantly improves the quality requirements of products in order to strive for excellence. It has accumulated rich production experience and production technology, and has become a leader in the industry until today. Strong production strength, large inventory, and guaranteed delivery.

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Strictly control the level of yarn production

Factory direct sales, no intermediate links, quality and cheap. The company has established a sound production system and quality inspection system to effectively guarantee the quality of the yarn. The colors are bright, and each product has dozens to hundreds of color samples to choose from, and can also be used for spinning and dyeing.

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Meet all reasonable requirements of customers

The company continues to improve the procurement system, production system, quality inspection system, publicity system, sales system, customer service system and management system, adhering to the business philosophy of quality for survival, integrity for development, customer first, and dedicated to serving new and old customers.

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Elite team

Introduce talents from all walks of life
2017 annual dinner party of  Ensheng industry

Adhere to people-oriented

Gathering elites from all over the world
Create brilliance hand in hand Constant innovation, continuous improvement, never stop See more elite

They all chose Ensheng

Ensheng textile has long-term cooperation with many textile manufacturers

Enter Ensheng textile

On the basis of quality and on the basis of honesty

Ensheng Textile

Ensheng Textile Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to market research and development, people-oriented, credit, quality; continuous improvement of product quality requirements, in order to strive for excellence. Until today, it has become a leader in the industry. The Bank has accumulated a wealth of production experience and production technology. Over the years, the Bank has won high praise and support from the industry for its high quality and low price, bright colors, dazzling and credit-oriented business philosophy. The Bank develops and produces high-end high-quality yarns and has long-term……
Ensheng Textile Co., Ltd.

Ensheng News Center

Pay attention to Ensheng's dynamics and learn more about yarns.
The wool from the sheep is called sheep wool in the industry. Even if the sheep's hair is very thin, we also call it wool, not wool, and of course it can be called fine wool. Only the cashmere from...
Which part of the colored wool fiber velvet is of higher quality?
1Colored wool fiber velvet is organized according to histology
According to the different uses of core yarn, the main types of core yarns are
Cored yarn is generally made of synthetic fiber filaments with good strength and elasticity as the core yarn...
Silver cotton is a high-grade cotton material. The mercerized cotton has been subjected to a series of strict processing procedures
Cotton and hemp are natural cellulose fibers, but the morphological characteristics of the fibers are different
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